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The Eastgate Quarterly Review of Hypertext

Format: Booklet + accompanying floppy disc

CD available on request

$19.95 per issue

Vol 1 No 1 Rosenberg, Jim Intergrams Hypertext
Vol 1 No 2 Arnold, Mary-Kim Lust Hyperfiction
Douglas, J Yellowlees I Have Said Nothing Hyperfiction
Vol 1 No 3 Cramer, Kathryn In Small & Large Pieces Hyperfiction
Mac, Kathy Unnatural Habits Interactive Poetry
Vol 1 No 4 Franco, Giuliano Quam Artem Exerceas? Hyperliterature
Swigart, Rob Directions Hyperpoem
Vol 2 No 1 Falco, Edward Sea Island Interactive Poetry
Gess, Richard Mahasukha Halo Hyperfiction
Vol 2 No 2 Kerman, Judith Mothering Hyperfiction
Larsen, Deena Century Cross Hyperfiction
van Mantgem, Michael Completing the Circle Hyperfiction
Vol 2 No 3 Rosenberg, Jim The Barrier Frames Interactive Poems
Rosenberg, Jim Diffractions Through Interactive Poems
Vol 2 No 4 Kendall, Robert A Life Set for Two Interactive Poetry
Smyth, Richard Genetis: A Rhizography Hyperfiction