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Front cover image 

New for October '14 - "Feels Like Home Again" - Joel Weishaus's Collected Poems

Click here to read it.

New work worth a visit:

Two Roads Diverged: an HTML5 interactive story, by Alan Bigelow.

Nightingale's Playground title image 

New for Feb '11 - "Schoolboy Daze" - A review of Andy Campbell's four-part new media fiction, Nightingale's Playground

Click here to read it.

The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume 2 - the long-awaited second anthology from the Electronic Literature Organisation. Available both online and as a DVD.

It's literature, Jim, but not as we know it 

New for August '10 - "It's literature, Jim... but not as we know it: Publishing and the Digital Revolution"

Click here to read it.

AlphaAlpha, an animated notebook of letters: 366 variations on the letter A, compiled by the Brazilian artist Regina Pinto.

Millie Niss image 1 

New for Jan '10 - "Not-so-silly Millie" - An appreciation of Millie Niss, the writer and new media artist, who died in November

Click here to read it.

Archetypal Africa, a tongue-in-cheek "look at common objects... and their symbolic resonance" from Alan Bigelow

The Path image 

New for August '09 - "In a Dark Wood" - a review of The Path, a computer game based on Little Red Riding Hood, from Tale of Tales

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Consensus Trance, a new serialised digital fiction, from Dreaming Methods.

Games as art image 

New for May '09 - "Play on Meaning? - Computer Games as Art"

Click here to read it.

Flight Paths, a "networked novel" from Kate Pullinger and Chris Joseph

David Daniels small image 

New for November '08 - "Lift up your heads, O ye gates" - an appreciation of David Daniels, the shape-poet, who died in May.

Click here to read it.

Fundamentals, an introduction to the fundamentals of hyperliterature, from Deena Larsen.

Reprobateur image 

New for May '08 - "Reproof Reading" - review of Le Reprobateur/The Reprover, by Francois Coulon

Click here to read it.

The Graveyard, a game about old age and death, from Tale of Tales

The Way North map image 

New for March '08 - "Fragments of Ice" - review of The Way North, by Joel Weishaus

Click here to read it.

Soft Cinema, a nonlinear, database-driven cinema project from Lev Manovich and colleagues.

Croatian Tales Part 2 image 

New for May '07 - "Twice-told tales" - review of Croatian Tales of Long Ago, Part Two, edited by Helena Bulaja

Click here to read it.

Elephants Dream, the world's first open movie

ELC1 index page image 

New for March '07 - "The Curator's Egg" - review of The Electronic Literature Collection, Volume One, edited by N Katherine Hayles, Nick Montfort, Scott Rettberg and Stephanie Strickland

Click here to read it.

Capped, interactive fiction from Author X (Andy Campbell)

Mac Dunlop performing image 

New for November '06 - "A touch of the Verbals" - review of The Chicken Coup/Chopper Drop Out/Underground Station, 3 CDs from Mac Dunlop

Click here to read it.

The Tulse Luper Suitcases, multi-platform fiction from film director Peter Greenaway

Broken Saints Image 1 

New for August '06 - "Saints be Praised?" - review of Broken Saints, an epic 24-part Flash-animated comic.

Click here to read it.

The Flat, interactive fiction from Author X (Andy Campbell)

Printer inside his own machine 

New for May '06 - "From zine to screen" - literary small magazines and the digital revolution

Click here to read it.

An Unimportant Story, nonlinear fiction from Edward Picot

Syllabary image 

New for February '06 - "Words of One Syllable" - Review of The Syllabary by Peter McCarey.

Click here to read it.

Of Shifting Shadows, poetic fiction by Gita Hashemi

Alice and Aftershocks - combined image 

New for November '05 - "Unanswered Questions" - Review of Inanimate Alice, new media fiction by Kate Pullinger and Babel, and "Aftershocks", new media documentary by Martha Deed

Click here to read it.

The Recycling Bins, nonlinear fiction + one song, by Edward Picot

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